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How to treat the flu

Who has not had the flu. Millions of people sick with the flu each year. Some begin with the flu even several times a year. Becoming sick with the flu, surprisingly, even on hot days and seasons that supposedly no one would expect the flu. Some people patients symptoms of influenza or in part, as many times during the year. Others walk around with mini flu, allergic rhinitis and various fixed for months. Just recently we heard that hospitals exploding amount of patients whose army on entrances and occupancy passed the 120%! Each year these scenes repeated over and over and public standing helpless and scared in front of this massive epidemic.


In most cases, doctors recommend, for good measure, the medications for this condition, even antibiotics, if identifiers “bacteria that settled in the throat” (3).
Why are flu symptoms? Do we really helpless victims who fall victim repeatedly by small creatures that make us invisible to health disabling death among adults? Why Health Ministry reports 2,000 adults per year die “complications from the flu”? Why suffer physically weaker than in the “complications of flu”? Really we have no “cure” against the influence in all its forms? Why are more common in winter than in other seasons a year? Vaccinations against influenza are effective, necessary and promote health? How much truth there are grounds every year and new viruses and bacteria it is difficult to overcome them “? Why do some people sick with the flu considerably less, and why some people just are immune to her? Why “flu pandemic” that hit all over Europe during World War II passed specifically on the Danish people? Is the effect of the disease is at all?

In this article you read on a completely different approach, so amazing, our attention winter flu and various diseases. The concepts and ideas in this article will show you strange, perhaps delusional, even absurd, because they contradict the very concept of public welfare standard, for various reasons. Almost all the patients in the last 12 years there have been flu at one time or another after the start of treatment, as part of the process they went through. All underwent the influence form and manner they never knew before, without drugs and easily. And most important after that you felt was just wonderful, a real sense of unparalleled health (1) (This can even cure tonsil stones, for example)

So what’s going on here, what is it? Is the flu is not a dangerous disease, or perhaps not at all a disease?

Normal perception about the flu:

Influenza is considered an acute disease, ie short-term illness that usually comes and goes away on its own within a week to 10 days without treatment. However in many cases the wrong attitude and negligent treatment which causes complications to death.
Medicine accuses the viruses and bacteria emergence of influenza. In Mark said: “Influenza is a viral infection causing fever, runny nose, cough, headache, general malaise and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and airways” (3). “Every year, in the fall and early winter, there are major outbreaks of respiratory disease caused by influenza virus” (3). “The disease occurs all over the world”. “The virus spreads through contaminated particles emitted inhalation cough or sneeze of a sick person, or in direct contact with the patient discharge. Using a contaminated objects can also cause the disease” (3).

Why caused the – “viral infection”? And why many people are in “patients” are not “stick”?
These questions, and many others, medicine does not know answer.

What are the symptoms of the disease? Manifestations (symptoms) of the “disease”?
Chills and feeling cold can announce the arrival of flu. In some heat rises in the early days that may reach 39.5 degrees. It feels like a heavy illness and fatigue, pain throughout the body, headaches, pain around the eyes. Respiratory tract irritation and pain will be felt in the throat, sometimes burning in the chest, dry cough and runny nose. Sometimes worsening cough and phlegm appears. Skin, especially on the face, makes bread and red, reddening mouth and throat, watery eyes and sometimes including mild infection considerably. In severe cases, appear nausea and vomiting (3).

After two to three days, depending on the steps taken, most of the symptoms disappear, the heat goes down or lasts a few days, again, depending on the type of treatment. Incorrect handling of cases will continue bronchitis and cough even 10-14 days and in many cases the disappearance of all the expressions Hmhltiim lasts about 6-8 weeks (3). Fatigue and weakness which followed, especially if you use antibiotics, are drawn from days to weeks (3).
Medicine emphasizes the effect appears in Sl”mgifh “, ie a large number of people have it at the time. The conclusion of Medicine is the paste with a virus or bacteria is the cause, especially as blood test finds out the prevalence of “influenza virus”.

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